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The art and photography that you will find on this website was all created by one person. That person is me. I go by Pegi (a spelling I like). I sign my work, MCKiggins, FWS. The FWS means that I am a "Signature Member" of the Florida Watercolor Society, which was a title I had to earn. I have been in over 100 juried exhibitions and have won numerous awards. I have been featured in several publications including American Artist Watercolor Magazine, International Artist Magazine, and the book, Best of Watercolor 2.

A brief bit of background info... I studied at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, earning a BS in commercial design and a minor in printing production (industrial arts). I had a tough time finding a job in my field of study so I freelanced (and waitressed) until I decided to broaden my horizons.

      College Selfie, Pinhole Photograph, Boone, NC

So I ran away and joined the circus (of sorts- I got a job as a flight attendant). I traveled all over the place and moved around quite a bit until I settled down into suburbia and started a family of my own. I continued to make art- I painted, drew and collaged. I continued with photography and got back into pinhole photography. At some point, I started getting many requests for watercolor portraiture and I made a fair living doing that until I grew weary of it.

I currently experiment with photography and paint with acrylic and egg tempera. I am particularly intrigued by egg tempera because it is a once lost form of art that has a few but very fervant practitioners. Very few books exist on the subject (I have read every one) and although it is perhaps the oldest form of painting, it feels like a new frontier to me.